Import Curriculum

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How to Starting Import - IMPORT CURRICULUM

The Exim team Guide you How to Import , from the professionals of Exim Business School (EBS) experts, working for the benefits of Importer through a strong relationship between our clients.

The goal of the Exim Business School (EBS) Exim Guide-How to Import is designed to make our readers aware of the basic issues involved in importing goods into India. Exim Business School (EBS) Guide - How to Import is specifically designed for small businesses or individuals intending to establish a small business involved in importing goods from overseas.

- Chapter 1 Starting Import Introduction
- Chapter 2 Preliminaries for Starting Import Business
- Chapter 3 Registration of Importers
- Chapter 4 Guidelines And Rules for Import
- Chapter 5 Selecting The Overseas Exporter
- Chapter 6 Import License
- Chapter 7 Import Trade Governing Bodies
- Chapter 8 Import of Samples
- Chapter 9 Finalizing The Terms of Import
- Chapter 10 Import Duties
- Chapter 11 Import Risks
- Chapter 12 Import Incentives under Special Schemes
- Chapter 13 Methods of Payment in Import Trade
- Chapter 14 Import of Personal Baggage
- Chapter 15 Import of Gifts
- Chapter 16 Import of Cars Vehicle Commercial and Non Commercial
- Chapter 17 Import of Gold And Silver by NRI
- Chapter 19 Custom Clearance of Imported Goods
- Chapter 18 Import of Drugs And Medicine
- Chapter 20 Import of Scrap And Waste Products
- Chapter 21 Import Laptops And Computers
- Chapter 22 Import Dos And Don'ts
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